Smart CEO Business Travel:
A 5-day Course Spotlighting the Biggest Mistakes CEOs Make When Spending Their Travel Budget on Commercial Flights (And the Smarter Way to Fly)

Learn the 5 biggest business travel blunders (and exactly how to avoid them)5 staggering business aviation statistics (to build your business travel mindset)Receive your FREE Business Travel Criteria Chart (to reference during business travel analysis)

Everything you need to boost your business opportunities by making better use of your business travel budget

Written by Kristopher KeyesSeasoned professional and U.S. Navy veteran with extensive experience in military aviationFlown on the sophisticated Gulfstream IV to the efficient CRJ, mighty 747, and popular A320 (And one day on a Global 6500)FAA A&P certified for a holistic perspective on the aviation industry beyond the typical traveler's viewpointAdult Learning Instructor who enjoys simplifying complex concepts and delivering educational content that resonates with learners

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Day 1: Avoid this budget-draining mistake with tips to boost your travel experience and focus on generating revenue (Kickstart your new approach to business travel)Day 2: Learn 3 powerful reasons why confidentiality should be part of your business travel plans (Pay attention to this game-changing mistake)Day 3: Your answers to these 4 critical questions will help determine if you’re making this big mistake with your travel schedule (Learn the reasons to address them immediately)Day 4: This simple mistake is having the highest impact on your organization (It goes beyond your business travel budget, and you can fix it…now)Day 5: Your competitors will praise you for making this mistake (Get in the game and grow your business!)